vrDRUMS is a virtual drum set concept that combines the virtual reality capabilities of the Oculus Rift with Intel’s depth-sensing, gesture-recognition camera.

The application won third place in Intel’s Perceptual Computing Challenge.

To experience vrDRUMS, the user puts on the virtual reality headset to see everything in 3D, immersive virtual reality. To play the drums, the user holds out two fingers and strikes the drums as you would in real life. Additional instructional features can be activated to playback prerecorded rhythms – highlighting which drums to hit and in what order. The user can then try to mimic the computer to learn the new drum rhythm. The user can also select multiple environments – from a suburban garage practice space, to a full stage. These features can be controlled with voice commands using the voice recognition capabilities of the camera, so the user doesn’t need to take off the Rift headset or fumble around for the keyboard/controller.

vrDRUMS was created using Unity, and the Creative Camera and Oculus Rift SDKs.

Date: November 09, 2013